Nutrient Solutions for Greenhouse Crops

This revised Manual - “Nutrient Solutions for Greenhouse Crops” version 4 - describes nutrient solutions for the most important species of fruiting and leafy vegetables, soft fruits, cut flowers and potted plants cultivated in protected horticulture, such as greenhouses and urban farm systems. Different recommendations are presented for these crops grown in soil, as potted plants or in hydroponic growing systems using either an inert growing medium (e.g. rock wool or pumice) or an organic growing medium (e.g. peat or coco peat).

This booklet is an initiative of various fertiliser companies (Nouryon, SQM, YARA) and a laboratory (Eurofins Agro), which are all active within the fertigation industry. Design and layout were prepared by SQM.

If you have any question about this booklet, please contact one of the companies mentioned above or Geerten van der Lugt at

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