Many soils contain sufficient micronutrients to sustain optimal growth, however these are often present in a form that makes them unavailable to the plant. To solve this, Nouryon has developed a range of micronutrient products that makes use of organic molecules known as chelating agents.

The soil’s micronutrients are often unavailable to the plant due to chemical reactions that result in the adsorption of the positively charged metal ions by soil particles and the formation of solid metal hydroxides or salts. Our range of micronutrient products solves this by utilizing organic molecules known as chelating agents.

By selectively binding the metal ions in a protective grip with the right chelating agent, such precipitation will never take place. Like a claw, the chelate maintains its tight grasp until the ion reaches the plant and is absorbed by it. In fact, the word "chelate" comes from a Greek word meaning "crab's claw".