Chelated Micronutrients - Better than magic

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Rexolin is a registered trademark used for global distribution through Yara International


Rexene is a registered trademark used for global distribution through SQM Europe


Iron chelates based on FeHBED to prevent and correct chlorosis

Bolikel® XP

High-performance FeHBED-based iron chelates for correction and prevention of chlorosis.

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Fertigation to Soil

Metal chelates play an important role in fertigation.

Foliar Applications

Chelates facilitate absorption of trace elements in the leaves.


Exceptionally pure chelated micronutrients for soilless culture

Seed Coating

Chelated metals are the most effective micronutrients for coating where space is limited.

Soil Application

Apply directly on soil or via foliar spray for healthy crops.


Our chelates are used in a wide range of applications.


Helping the world’s farmers cultivate a better tomorrow

Each day, farmers worldwide are faced with tough questions: How can higher quantities of food be produced for a growing population? How can depleted soil be rejuvenated for reuse? What farming methods can we implement to keep our business sustainable? Read more

Transforming land

Nouryon’s agronomists travel to the world’s most remote places to teach customers and other partners how to transform poor, depleted soil into rich, reusable land through the use of micronutrients–chemicals plants need in order to grow.

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