Each day, farmers worldwide are faced with tough questions: How can higher quantities of food be produced for a growing population? How can depleted soil be rejuvenated for reuse? What farming methods can we implement to keep our business sustainable?

Nouryon’s team of agronomists dedicate their careers to finding answers to these kinds of questions. In a world with a rapidly increasing population and decreasing amount of fertile land, their innovative solutions and sustainable farming techniques are more valuable than ever.

What exactly is agronomy? In short, it’s the study and expertise of soil management and crop production. Nouryon’s agronomists serve as global experts on cutting-edge fertilization techniques that create rich soil and fruitful harvests in lands once deemed unusable. They travel to the world’s most remote places to teach customers and other partners how to transform poor, depleted soil into rich, reusable land through the use of micronutrients – chemicals plants need in small quantities in order to grow.

This is a crucial practice for many of the world’s farms, which are experiencing the devastating effects of overpopulation and climate change. The need for micronutrient fertilizers is growing rapidly: market demand is projected to grow by 8.6% annually and will reach $8.8 billion by 2022, according to a study by MarketsandMarkets.

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