Our range of Dissolvine® micronutrient products, available in liquid, powder or microgranular form, are developed for the correction and prevention of deficiencies in agricultural and horticultural crops.

Dissolvine products are used in soil, foliar and hydroponic applications.

Product Name          Physical 
Chemical formula Typical metal 
content % w/w
Copper Chelates:
Dissolvine® E-Cu-9   liquid EDTA-Cu(NH4)2  9.0 
Dissolvine® E-Cu-15   microgranular  EDTA-CuNa2  14.8
Dissolvine® E-K-Cu-14  microgranular  EDTA-CuK2  14.3
Manganese Chelates:
Dissolvine® E-Mn-6  liquid  EDTA-MnK2  6.2
Dissolvine® E-Mn-13  microgranular  EDTA-MnNa2  12.8
Dissolvine® E-K-Mn-12  microgranular  EDTA-MnK2  12.4
Zinc Chelates:
Dissolvine® E-Zn-9  liquid  EDTA-Zn(NH4)2  9.0
Dissolvine® E-Zn-15  microgranular  EDTA-ZnNa2  14.8
Dissolvine® E-K-Zn-14  microgranular  EDTA-ZnK2  14.5
Chelated Secondary Nutrients:
Dissolvine® E-Ca-10  microgranular  EDTA-CaNa2.2H2O  9.7
Dissolvine® E-Mg-6  microgranular  EDTA-MgNa2  6.2
For US only:
Dissolvine® Ca-3  liquid  EDTA-CaNa2.2H2O  3.0
Dissolvine® Cu-8  liquid  EDTA-Cu(NH4)2  7.6
Dissolvine® Mg-3  liquid  EDTA-MgNa2  2.5

Not all products may be available in your region. Please check with your local sales representative or contact us for product availability.