Fully chelated and completely soluble in water, some of our micronutrients can be applied directly to the soil for root uptake.

Chelated micronutrients can be applied directly to the soil in liquid form by drip irrigation, injection or spraying. Solid products can be dissolved in water before being applied.

However, also application to the soil in the form of powder or granules or incorporated in the coatings of granular fertilizers, is an option, especially when no irrigation system is present.

Local soil analyses are required to determine if the availability of trace elements is insufficient. The actual status of the crop can only be established by tissue analysis.

Other applications

Soil Application

Apply directly on soil or via foliar spray for healthy crops.

Seed Coating

Chelated metals are the most effective micronutrients for coating where space is limited.


Exceptionally pure chelated micronutrients for soilless culture

Foliar Applications

Chelates facilitate absorption of trace elements in the leaves.

All applications