Our chelates are used in many industrial processes

The Dissolvine® chelates product line is the most extensive there is, with chelates available for many industrial processes.

Dissolvine® chelates add or remove metals in a controlled way in virtually any industrial process which uses water.

In fact the world where chelates are used on a day-to-day basis is much bigger than you can imagine. In virtually any industrial process which uses water, Dissolvine chelates can add or remove metal ions or alter metal ions properties in a controlled way.

Main applications:

  • Cleaning

  • Personal care and cosmetics

  • Gypsum and Cement

  • Descaling and industrial cleaning

  • H2S Gas Sweetening

  • Oil and Gas industry

  • Iron food fortification

  • Food and beverage preservation

  • Textile

  • Pulp bleaching

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