Environmental considerations are prompting a trend towards soilless culture in greenhouses. This requires stable liquid nutrient solutions; both to prevent the formation of precipitates in irrigation and recirculation systems and to avoid blocked drippers. Chelated micronutrients from Nouryon are specifically adjusted to this application.

In soilless culture, metal chelates – particularly iron – have proven to be indispensable. The exceptionally pure chelated micronutrients developed by Nouryon are especially suited for this.

In cases where very high concentrations of iron chelates are used in stock solutions containing calcium nitrate, it is advised to use sulfate-free iron chelates. Fe-DTPA types are most commonly used, although Fe-EDDHA or Fe-HBED can also be used, often in high pH circumstances. Chelation of Mn, Zn and Cu increases availability of these elements, but also prevents losses of Fe from the Fe-chelates.

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Producers of fertilizers Yara, SQM and Nouryon, Laboratory Eurofins Agro, Research Institute NMI and consultant Geerten van der Lugt have published the manual “Nutrient Solutions for Greenhouse Crops”. It describes the conditions for the use and preparation of nutrient solutions in horticulture. It also contains a diversity of nutrient solutions and recipes for fertilizers for various horticultural crops, either grown in soil, organic material or inert substrates.

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