Fertigation is an application where metal chelates play an important role. Other Fe products than Fe-chelates will hardly be able to feed the crop. For Mn, Zn and Cu large efficiency steps can also be made with the use of chelates.

For iron, Fe-HBED, Fe-EDDHA, and sometimes Fe-DTPA are the most effective products and indispensable in calcareous and alkaline soils. HBED and EDDHA are not suitable to chelate Mn, Zn and Cu. After being brought to the soil, they immediately swap the metal with Fe from the soil. EDTA’s are a better choice here.

Other applications

Soil Application

Apply directly on soil or via foliar spray for healthy crops.

Seed Coating

Chelated metals are the most effective micronutrients for coating where space is limited.


Exceptionally pure chelated micronutrients for soilless culture

Foliar Applications

Chelates facilitate absorption of trace elements in the leaves.

All applications