Our micronutrients are fully chelated and completely soluble in water. Some of them can be applied directly to the soil for root uptake, others via foliar sprays. They are compatible with a wide range of fertilizers and plant protection products.

Some of our micronutrients also well suited for use in soilless culture, as there is no formation of precipitates within the active pH ranges.

The most effective method of application will depend on local conditions, particularly the pH value of the soil or growth medium.

Feel free to explore our range of possible applications to discover which micronutrient is perfect for your application.

Our applications


Our chelates are used in a wide range of applications.

Seed Coating

Chelated metals are the most effective micronutrients for coating where space is limited.

Foliar Applications

Chelates facilitate absorption of trace elements in the leaves.

Soil Application

Apply directly on soil or via foliar spray for healthy crops.

Fertigation to Soil

Metal chelates play an important role in fertigation.


Exceptionally pure chelated micronutrients for soilless culture

The booklet is an initiative of various fertiliser companies (Nouryon, SQM, YARA), a laboratory (Eurofins Agro) and a research institute (NMI), which are all active within the fertigation industry.